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Lisa Patel

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Lisa went from swinging softball bats and dribbling basketballs at a young age, to walking runways and staring down camera lenses in her late teen years, which eventually lead to coveting many pageant titles in NC, all while earning a B.A. in Business Administration and a minor in Information Systems. Lisa’s ultimate goal was to capture a national title in pageantry! Her passion and determination lead her to succeeding as she now is the current title holder of Ms. International World United States! As Lisa continues down her path she enjoys helping others by encouraging them to take the steps to their own desires and passions. Lisa moved to Tampa 4 years ago and has had her eyes set on Hands Across the Bay as she has been aware of the foundation. ‘I knew the moment I had discovered the foundation that I wanted to be apart of the big day. It is an honor to be chosen to be an Celebrity Dancer and I am truly excited to be giving back while making an impact in our community. I have grew very fond of Tampa Bay and have discovered that it was meaningful to live for a purpose. I enjoy encouraging, spreading wisdom, warmth, and love to help people overcome life’s downfalls. All it takes is simple communication and love which goes a long way to build a support system for others.'

During young adulthood, she remained actively involved in sports, but that came to an abrupt halt when she sustained an injury that left her unable to walk for three weeks. It was during that trying time that Lisa’s main focus became improving every aspect of her life as she dreamed of becoming a beautiful business woman with desire to inspire others with her constant love for life. She used that time spent in recovery to learn the ins and outs of business with a main focus on sales, marketing, staffing, managing, and creating an infrastructure for a company where the staff and clients alike could benefit. This was also a time for Lisa to really dive into her womanhood as she quickly realized that she wanted to be a role model and leader through supporting the community especially empowering others. 'It's always heart breaking to see people being ridiculed, controlled, and going through instances which never have to exist. 'I am not set out to change the world but rather to give insight and encouragement to change an individuals day or prospective and that has been the most fulfilling to me.'

Lisa’s injury ignited a fire inside, a desire and drive that led her to start her own firm – The Buki Agency. She used her knowledge and skillset acquired from working in a creative side of promotional marketing and personal development to creatively build a successful partnership between her and her clients based on experiential marketing.

The one constant in Lisa’s life, from athletics to pageants to business to helping others, has been her passion.  This passion is evident to anyone who has had the opportunity to engage with her. 

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